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The libraries and schools are always in need of children’s book donations, 
both fiction and non-fiction, pre-school through Form 6 
(equivalent to North America’s grade 8).

If you would like to donate books, writing and craft materials and/or money 
(used for packaging & shipping) please contact us.

It costs about $100 to ship a 12” X 14” X 16” box of books or materials from the United State to Belize (there’s no international book rate) so it gets expensive quick.

Pencils, markers, drawing paper, craft materials can always be stuffed in 
boxes to fill the empty spaces.

Thanks To Those That Have Donated Books, Money and Time.

books for belize logo


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D. Roger Maves or Julie Blair
84 Mary’s Lane
Bailey, Colorado 80421

Phone: 720-318-5804
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