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We’re from Colorado but LOVE Belize!

D. Roger Maves
As a hard-core bibliophile, it’s easy for me to have a soft spot of children that love to read. I’ve been visiting Belize since 2000 and have been collecting, packing and shipping children’s books to Belize ever since.

I fell in love with Belize the first time I went there and being an avid outdoors person my whole life, hiking, camping, backpacking, sailing, scuba diving, fly fishing, skiing and now playing pickleball Belize was the perfect playground for many of the things I do.
Roger Maves and Julie Blair Belize
In the business world I own The Knowledge Group, Inc., a digital marketing agency. We focuse on providing digital marketing services and consulting for small and medium sized businesses specializing in reputation marketing and management, website design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, press release marketing, pay-per-click advertising and media buying for the Internet.

I’ve trained, consulted and worked with business professionals across the United States and around the world including Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Belize and Mexico and helped them to improve their business operations.
Julie Blair
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